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The Petition Process


Every candidate for Initiation should read and approve the By-Laws of the Lodge and must present his petition in writing vouched for by two members of the Lodge at a Stated Communication, which must lie over at least one month for the Brethren to make due inquiry into the character and standing of the candidate and review a criminal background investigative report of the candidate. And a petition thus presented cannot be withdrawn but must be acted upon, and if rejected, cannot again be presented within six months. But rejections for Passing and Raising, and for membership, shall not be required to lie over six months but may be renewed at any subsequent Stated Communication of the Lodge. (Digest of Masonic Law; 2009) (Art. X, Sec. 14)

Part 1: The Petition


When members of the Lodge feel it is appropriate, prospective candidates who have been consistently attending events will be offered a Petition (an application for membership). This important document requires two current Lodge members to sign it, serving as a testament to the candidate's integrity. Regular attendance at open events and dinners are crucial to ensure the candidate has established a positive relationship with the Brothers of the Lodge. Additionally, the Petition must be submitted with the appropriate payment, including fees for a background investigation.


Fees can be paid by check or

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Eureka North Shore Lodge No 269



At checkout, processing fees for PayPal transactions are included. However, you can avoid these fees by opting for other payment methods or paying by check.

Part 2: Background Investigation

Our organization places a great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of integrity and safety, and therefore, we conduct a comprehensive criminal background investigation for each prospective candidate. This thorough investigation allows us to thoroughly assess the character and suitability of each candidate, ensuring that our fraternity is made up of individuals who share our values and commitment to the betterment of society.

It is important to note that individuals who have been convicted of a felony and have not had their full rights restored will be deemed ineligible for membership. This is a necessary step in maintaining the safety of our members and the community at large. While we recognize that everyone makes mistakes, we hold our members to the highest standards of conduct and character, and therefore, we cannot overlook a history of criminal activity. This policy ensures that our organization comprises individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment to upholding the law and behaving ethically in all aspects of their lives. For questions regarding this policy, please speak privately with the Petitions Committee. 

Part 3: Home Visit

To thoroughly assess each prospective candidate, the Lodge will form an investigation committee as part of our comprehensive evaluation process. This committee, consisting of at least three Brothers, will schedule in-home visits to meet with both the candidate and their family. Depending on scheduling availability, these visits may include some or all three Brothers, though it is typical to have separate visits. These meetings provide the committee with a deeper understanding of the candidate's character, values, and motivations. Furthermore, the candidate's family is encouraged to ask any questions they may have during these interactions.

Part 4: Balloting


Once all investigations have been completed, the investigation committee will present their report at the next Stated Meeting. Following this, a secret ballot vote will be conducted, requiring a unanimous decision for the petition to be accepted and for the candidate to proceed with initiation into Freemasonry. This important step in the process ensures that each new member is carefully vetted and meets the high standards of our organization.

Fees for the Degrees

Fees for each degree must be paid to the Secretary prior to the conferral of the degree. It is not necessary to prepay for all three degrees in full. In the event that your petition is not accepted, you will receive a refund of the fee, with the exception of the amount allocated for the background check.


"In every case, the fee shall be paid to the Secretary in advance, without which no petition or application shall be read or announced, and in every case of rejection, the fee shall be promptly returned from the treasury upon the Master's order."

(Eureka-North Shore By-Laws; 2013) (9.01)

Download PDF: Petition & Background Check Waiver

Petition Instructions

Please begin by thoroughly completing or typing out the entire first page of the PDF document. As you proceed to the second page, you will find a designated section at the bottom for references that need to be filled in. The document concludes with a background check waiver on the last page, which also should be completed accordingly. Should you encounter any sections or fields where it is unclear whether you should provide the information (as there are areas intended for our completion), please do not hesitate to reach out for guidance.

Upon completing the form, kindly print and sign the document, then bring it to our next meeting. Additionally, please be prepared to pay the necessary fees at the time of submission. For any questions or further clarification, feel free to reach out.

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