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Masonic Education

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Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Education Master Mason Exams

Masonic Education is an ongoing process whereby all Masons, throughout the world, further their knowledge about the Craft. It begins with education for candidates about the Three Symbolic Degrees, and it continues with instruction of Masonic history, tradition, philosophy, Masonic Law, Lodge administration, and procedures in the everyday management of the Lodges.

Grand Lodge of Florida Masonic Leadership Training (MLT)

A curriculum outline has been created that provides guidelines for future training and development and is highly recommended to be followed in order. Several PowerPoint presentations have been created and made available to the leaders of this program. This Committee is extremely important to the future of our Fraternity. Please assist The Grand Lodge of Florida in leading our Brothers and Fraternity into the future.

Proficiency Cards

The Committee on Work shall issue Proficiency Cards to those Brothers who have demonstrated their proficiency with the adopted Forms and Ceremonies of Florida Ritual Work

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