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BROWARD COUNTY, "The Mighty 26"

Grand Master

Most Worshipful Robert Lambert

District Deputy Grand Master

Right Worshipful Steve Rushefsky

District Instructor

Right Worshipful Ryan Lombardi

President Masters & Wardens Association

Brother Hunter Adak

District Lodges (by number)

Doric Lodge No. 140

West Broward No. 253

Eureka-North Shore No. 269

Roe Fulkerson No. 299

J Dewey Hawkins No. 331

North Star No. 405

Cornerstone No. 416

Eureka North Shore District Deputy Grand Master Official Visit


Pictured: 2021 Official Visit from the District Deputy Grand Master at Eureka-North Shore Masonic Lodge

For help finding other officially recognized Masonic lodges in Florida outside of District 26, please click here...
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Florida's 26th Masonic District Masters & Wardens Association

President                   Br. Hunter Adak

Vice-President          W∴ Cesar Temes

Treasurer                  W∴ Michael Waymire, PM

Secretary                   Br. Ivan Parrish

Chaplain                    W∴ Sidney King, PM

Meeting Dates & Locations

  • Jan. 25 – West Broward

  • Feb. 22 – Eureka-North Shore

  • Mar. 29 – Doric

  • Apr. 26 – Roe Fulkerson

  • May 24* – J Dewey Hawkins

  • Jun. 28 – North Star

  • Jul. 26 – Cornerstone

  • Aug. 30 – Doric 

  • Sep. 27 – West Broward

  • Oct. 25 – Eureka-North Shore

  • Nov. 29 – Cornerstone

  • Dec. 27 – Roe Fuklerson

*Grand Lodge Week

“We Masons are among the fortunate ones who are taught to meet together with others opposing convictions or competitive ideas and yet respect each other as Brothers.”

Albert Pike

Florida's 26th Masonic District Committeemen
  • Br. Harley Bofshever - Let Your Pennies Make Good Cents (LYPMGC)

  • W∴ Lenny Judice - Masonic Home Endowment (MH-100)

  • Br. Alex Mirea - Wills and Gifts

  • W∴ Matt Goldstein, P.M. - Masonic Education

  • W∴ Brian Chartrand, P.M. - Public Education and Citizenship

  • W∴ Scott Burnett, P.M. - Masonic Youth Activities

  • Br. Michael Tausig - Perpetual Membership

  • W∴ Juan Roque, P.M. - Public Relations and Publicity

  • Br. Hunter Adak - Membership Development

  • RW∴ Michael Tishman, P.D.D.G.M. - Masonic Leadership Training (MLT)

  • Br. Ryan Tyler - Fraternal Administration FA-100

  • W∴ Robert Wisehart, P.M. - Child I.D. Program

  • W∴ Luis "Manny" Vila, W.M. - Grand Master Charity

  • W∴ Eran Erez, P.M. - Grand Master's Coin

Pictured: 2021 Official Visit from the District Deputy Grand Master at Doric Lodge


Pictured: 2021 Official Visit from the District Deputy Grand Master at Doric Lodge

FL26 Committeemen
“The strength of Freemasonry is in its loyalty to each other.”

– Vasilios Karpos
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